Wellness and CSR

A healthy and happy Frank Recruitment Group

Making sure our staff are physically and mentally well is a top priority. This is why have introduced well-being Wednesdays, our summer hours early finishes on Fridays, a range of free exercise classes, running clubs and activities, as well as incredible discounts on a range of gyms and sports clubs around the world.

Equipping communities with the tools to succeed


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is important for any company; it measures our impact on society as we strive to make a positive impact around the world and lets all of our customers know the value we place on ethics. For us, delivering on our social goals is important to sustaining our success as a leading global recruiter. But most of all, it’s the right thing to do. 

Our core values that drive us forward are accountability, opportunity, inclusivity, expertise, entrepreneurialism, and tenacity. That’s why in 2019, we’ve decided to make St Martin’s School in Nairobi, Kenya, our global charity of the year. All of our fundraising and charitable efforts throughout the year will go towards supporting this incredible educational endeavor.

Located in Kibagare, one of the poorest slums in Nairobi, the school provides a safe environment where children can play, learn, and receive regular meals, giving them the opportunity to excel.

We recruit in markets that involve niche technologies, and we’re aware that they are candidate-short markets with plenty of financial opportunities for those with the relevant. To ensure these children have the tools they need to develop these skills, we’re committing to raise funds for—and build—Tech Labs in the secondary school at St Martin’s.

We will also be offering pupils CV workshops and 1-2-1 coaching and will be organizing several volunteering trips to help with the maintenance of the school and to set up any hardware.

Our CSR committee meets regularly and consists of representatives from all areas of the company, including sales and central services.

St Martin's School, Kenya

“We’re grateful for Frank Recruitment Group’s involvement and support, and we believe they have the ideas and insights to help us achieve our objectives. Together we can and will achieve our goals to transform this community.”

Alfred Aswan, Program Liaison, St Martin’s School

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