What is Recruitment?

Hard work, big rewards. Still interested?

Recruitment is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, it’s a $450 billion industry, offering huge opportunities for people willing to put the time and effort in to be the best.




What’s the difference between recruitment and sales? Recruitment is sales. It’s mostly done on the phone, connecting great people with great jobs.





It’s hard work, but the opportunity to earn, learn and progress your career while having fun along the way is limitless. It is a fast-paced and target driven job but is also fun and competitive.





It’s fast-moving and can be challenging, but our structured training teaches you how to find prospective clients, candidates who can fill jobs, and help you become a market expert.

Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. The careers of our employees are our priority, and everyone at Frank Recruitment Group has their own success story. How will yours read?


Amy Gibson

“I started off as a graduate trainee recruitment consultant in Newcastle, and within a year I was promoted to Senior consultant. Nine months on, I’m a Principal Consultant about to move to New York to work for Washington Frank.”


Kevin Ovalle

“After graduating from Rutgers, I was fortunate to be hired as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant. I listened, worked hard and was rewarded with a string of promotions resulting in my promotion to Business Manager and setting up a new brand this year with 25 people reporting directly to me.”


Carlie Devlin

“When I joined as a Trainee, I knew nothing about technology, sales or recruitment. Frank Recruitment Group equipped me with the knowledge and skills to excel as a recruiter in a new market and rewarded me with multiple promotions and a position as Team Leader – Microsoft UCC, Cloud & Infrastructure.”

The Recruitment Sales Process

At Frank Recruitment Group, our Recruitment Consultants are in charge of the full recruiting process from initial contact with clients and candidates to successfully closing a deal. They’ll typically do all of the below when making a placement happen.



  • Mapping out potential ‘prospects’ who may need our services
  • Chasing leads where there may be urgent job requirements
  • Cold calling ‘prospects’
  • Developing relationships with relevant hiring managers
  • Understanding their recruitment needs



  • Advising on suitable candidate profiles and market trends
  • Educating employers on the availability of hard-to-find jobseekers
  • Negotiating exclusive rights to fill the jobs
  • Negotiating contracts and offers with your clients and candidates to secure a sale – the placement of your candidate!
  • Networking within your technology, garnering referrals, and being a product expert in the field you recruit in
  • Becoming an expert in recruitment within your technology



  • Building a network of highly sought after, technology-specific candidates
  • Writing technically competent and attractive job adverts
  • Assessing candidates’ skills, managing their expectations, advising on career progression
  • Matching candidates to relevant opportunities
  • Overseeing the interview and recruitment process

A day in the life of a recruitment consultant

Post Job Adverts

Write compelling adverts for any new vacancies you have uncovered today to ensure a supply of relevant jobseekers

Ready for Tomorrow

End your day by completing all tasks and admin duties, to set you up for a great business day the next day. Do something each night that will help you achieve again tomorrow.

Cover your market

Send your client the best live candidates on the market and offer alternatives to any obstacles. Make clients lives as easy as possible by giving them the full scope of the market.

Customer Service and Business Development

Speak to current clients to ensure we are providing outstanding service. Ensure placed candidates are performing to the best of their ability.

Work Your Leads

Contact candidates for live vacancies, ensuring you have secured interviews. Provide candidates the opportunity to attend multiple interviews.

Send or Chase Resumes

Ensure all live jobs have received resumes and follow up with clients to check for a match. Move your business forward by offering candidates the best opportunity on the market.

Sell in Interviews

Secure interviews by ‘selling’ your jobseekers over the phone to clients where you know he/she will be a good technical and cultural fit

Candidate phone calls

Call the most relevant jobseekers to get a firm understanding of their skills, careers aspirations and commitment to work with you

Set Up Your Day

Search for candidates new to the market and review resumes of jobseekers who applied to your adverts.   Prioritise the vacancies that you can fill most efficiently


“Recruitment isn’t an HR job, the hours are long, but the financial rewards and company incentives more than make up for this. It’s a fun and competitive job, made even better by excellent colleagues and company culture.”

Dan Hackney, Head of Cloud Contract, EMEA

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